Lies and Other Fools

I met Kermit Leveridge at the hugely successful Lakes Comic Art Festival in October 2013.

Saturday 19 April 2014 saw the successful launch of a 7 inch, limited edition, vinyl pressing of the poem read by the legendary Howard Marks, with cover and graphics by myself, at a special event held in Manchester’s Dry Bar.

Photo 31-01-2014 11 59 19

Although we are poles apart in virtually every observable way – it is clear, that somewhere in the fundament of our being we are carved from the self same stone.

Kermit has an unbounded creative spirit, and sometimes it feels as though three and a recordthe words I’m illustrating for him, actually come from somewhere within myself.


Lies and Other Fools is planned as a full colour graphic poem, an art book insight into the machinations of a mind in conflict.

1st promo

In February 2016 I’ll begin production on the art of what I’m sure will be a very intense journey.

It was a strange, and terrifying, terrain that Mr. Leveridge traversed in laying these words on paper – if you’re up for the trip, it should be a hell of a ride.

To hear Howard Marks rendition of Lies and Other Fools: 06-10-2013 21 01 30

Photo 26-10-2013 23 01 42  Photo 07-12-2013 20 38 07

One response to “Lies and Other Fools”

  1. I heard about Mal from David Lloyd he kind of compared me to this style so I wanted to see his stuff, looks good, beautiful colour!

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