A tale about a tale…

Twelve years ago, in 2010, my good mate Scott Claringbold and myself attended the first Carlisle Comics and Fantasy Con.

Memories of the day are hazy, and other than sitting huddled around a table watching Peter Tyler’s showreel on his laptop (in lieu of a serviceable projection screen!) highlights were few… but by heck it was a laugh.

I launched ‘Bulletproof Nylon’ on the day… a rushed short story introduction for a concept that has grown exponentially to become my most fully developed planned project (bulletproofnylon.com) – and also discussed with Scott the progressing of a flip book idea based around an idea of his… a half man, half rat vigilante detective in a ‘Judge Dredd’ style environment.

Half of the proposed book was to be Scott’s take on the character, with a flip side tale from myself.

The project fell by the wayside for some time as ‘Bulletproof’ developed, but in the back of my mind ‘Ratcliffe’ as he was known at the time, mutated into something other than what Scott had initially conceived.

Over the past 12 years the character has changed his name, setting and story drive.
As the years have rolled on so has his timeline developed and grown, along with the world he occupies.
My interest in Steampunk, Victoriana, British Pulp novels and the Fin de Siecle art movement have come to the fore.

When Peter Duncan put out his request for story ideas for 1900… ‘RADCLYFFE’ (as he was now known) seemed a perfect fit.

And so we are here, as 2023 begins a knocking on the door, with my ‘boy’ ready to debut in the first issue of what promises to be one of the outstanding publications of next year… then I had an idea.

I passed a suggestion past the legendary David Lloyd as to whether he would be interested in another tale from the internals of my head!

Aces Weekly Volume 61 is coming up early in the year – RADCLYFFE will be gracing it’s digital pages and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying producing it!😁

So to recap… Coming up…

1900 – RADCLYFFE: Dawn of the Steamonculus

Aces Weekly 61 – RADCLYFFE: Scream of the Steamonculus.

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