October 2022


after a couple of years falling foul of those nefarious types whose true designs always remain shrouded in darkness…

until you realise that your work is only a means to benefit their own agendas – with zero interest in your own…

it’s time for a regroup!

I’ve given the site a spring clean and ditched some superfluous pages, and I’ll be streamlining the ‘About’ page shortly – so if anyone wants to save any images that are on there at the minute now’s the time, before they disappear.

I was told many moons ago to ‘never admit that your art is your hobby’, but most who know me realise that I have a full time job totally unrelated to my art and writing… and that the pamphlets, prints, comics etc. that I release, are all produced in the odd pockets of spare time I get between working shifts.

I will be hitting a point shortly where spare time may very well be a lot more available…

And I’m looking forward to that!

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