The JIGSAW project…

I love Comics.

An amalgamation of text and image that can spin worlds of wonder from the imagination… with nothing more than a surface and an instrument with which to make a mark on it.

Things have come a long way since I first began making my own marks.

Technology has advanced, both in the areas of creation, and delivery of Comics and currently there are more options for producing our own ‘worlds of wonder’ than ever before.

JIGSAW is my own exploration of what makes my creative consciousness ‘tick’; my inspirations and interests, and the products of those interests once they have travelled through the melting pot of whatever makes my dreams. 

In multiple formats, from A6 zines, to A2 posters to digital webstrips, I’ll be producing an array of stories over the coming year, in word and picture, under the umbrella title JIGSAW. The conceit of the project being that each of it’s ‘Volumes’ is part of a bigger picture… the jigsaw of me.

The first part of the puzzle is a digital strip introducing the eponymous character that will frame the project through its various phases… the walking Rorschach , Jigsaw.

JIGSAW begins in David Lloyd’s ACES WEEKLY Volume 38 on 18th February, and is the first strip that I have produced solely within a digital App on the Apple iPad.

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