Richard E Grant

On 24th February the Hollywood machine will announce the recipients of this years Oscar presentations.

My fingers are crossed for one, Richard E Grant… nominated for best supporting actor.

In 1995 I was working up a strip to be called, K. A dystopian, science fiction saga, which, ultimately, saw presentation of just the first episode, in a Small Press zine, TOPAZ.

The main character of K was based on my vision of REG, and the fit was so perfect that I dropped a line to his agent for permission to use his likeness.

Now, over twenty years later, after a trail of personal phone calls, emails and a constant approval for his likeness to be used in my works, he still stands as vision of choice for characters in most of my projects.

My latest, JIGSAW, has yet to remove the mask and helm he wears, but when he does… well, have a guess.

So here’s to Richard… and all the very best of luck to you on your big night, sir.

K – 1995
K – 1995
Radcliffe – 2013
Bullhawk – 2014
The Bridge – 2015
Jigsaw -2019

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