So, back down to Kendal in the morning for the third Lakes Comic Art Festival.
No table this time.
Going to soak in the atmosphere and drift the tables of, what promises to be, a mighty entourage this year.
It’s hard to believe that it’s only been two years since I shared a coffee with the legendary Jose Munoz, supped a Guinness with the equally legendary David Lloyd, met the mighty wordsmith Kermit Leveridge… and so much has passed since then that I feel pretty blessed all round!
I’ve produced a couple of short strips for UK anthology books, created record covers, contributed a double page spread for Igor Goldkind’s revolutionary Is She Available (alongside the likes of Bill Scienkiewicz, David Lloyd, Liam Sharp, Rian Hughes, Glenn Fabry etc.), launched my own Bulletproof Nylon on an unsuspecting world, drawn illustrations for American pulp publishing houses and produced near seventy pages of comic art for David Lloyds Aces Weekly.
Aye… blessed all round!
These two years have been both a testing ground and a period of bringing into focus exactly what I want to do creatively, and what directions those endeavours will move in.
Bulletproof Nylon will begin, properly, with the first novel in January 2016, with another five books to follow, charting the main characters development into areas I hadn’t even conceived of two years ago.
Sequential art wise; once the latest tale is told for David’s Aces Weekly (starting November 9th), I’ll be pulling together my own story WELKIN, for self publishing somewhere mid next year.
On top of that, I’ll be returning to Lies and Other Fools for Kermit in February. A vacant space that needs to be made whole!
I only hope the next two years will be as rewarding as the last two!

image image image

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