Well, last weekend was a bit of a mind blower.
Not only did I stretch myself into producing something quicker than seemed possible…
Not only did I have the honour of making the acquaintance of a couple of true legends…
Not only did I make something that I’m proud to say will appear in a publication, next to some of the worlds finest artists, mid next year…
But I had the opportunity to educate myself on David Halliwell. An unsung hero of modern theatre, whose contribution has for far too long been unrecognised.
But more on Halliwell soon.
Here’s the base image for Igor Goldkinds, DAEDALUS AFRAID TO FLY; his eulogy/poem to Halliwell, read to a gathering including John Hurt, Harold Pinter and David Warner at Halliwells funeral in 2006.
The illustrated poem will be part of Goldkinds book/motion comic/web presentation throughout 2015 – IS SHE AVAILABLE.
The future? You decide.


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    Thanks Mal, a real pleasure collaborating with you.

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