The Orb

Revelations come in the strangest of ways.
I’ve written before of how, to some degree, comics can be a form of catharsis when addressing issues in ones life, whether directly or indirectly.
SCARS falls into the latter category and, as an allegorical reflection on something that I will admit, caused great confusion, and changes of opinion on the value that I previously put on family, has helped me immensely.
The revelatory part came this afternoon, when I noticed that a recurrent symbol had suddenly reappeared – but in a context that seemed out of place with its previous occurrences… I realised quickly, it was in exactly the right place.
The orb is fundamental to the whole of the SCARS saga, and I realised this afternoon why.
If you choose to follow SCARS On Aces Weekly, I can promise you the closest thing to a slice of my psyche thing that I can muster.



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