Psychedelic Folk


Currently on display with the South Lakes Art Collective Exhibition – WITHOUT BORDERS, the triptych MEADOW BLUE.

Representing a ‘psychedelic folk’ take on some of the indigenous creatures of the British Isles, the collection will be complimented by the addition of MEADOW RED and MEADOW GREEN early in 2019.

Inspired by the psychedelic poster art of the 1960’s ‘So-Cal’ rock scene (by the likes of Wilson, Moscoso and Griffin), the intent is to incorporate subject, text and landscape into one, organic, balanced, textured whole, evoking the traditional mood of the British countryside, whilst at the same time allowing for a more transient appreciation of the flora and fauna of our little island.

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It seems like a decade since I had my first work published by David Lloyd in his Aces Weekly – but it’s actually only two!
Pushing 100 pages worth of material covering three separate stories over four separate volumes it has been a learning experience from which I have gleaned so much about who I am and where I want to be with my artwork/writing – and it’s not where I thought!
The personal work I’ve been putting together over the recent weeks has attracted a lot of puzzled looks and concerns over my sanity over the last couple of days, so… as an attempt to allay any fears…
MASQUE will be a series of short internal monographs relating to the way we as humans constantly adapt our true selves to suit the situations we find ourselves in, and for the people in whose company we find ourselves.
Society embeds this into our very fabric and I wonder if, throughout our brief lives, we are ever completely ourselves at all? Or are we forever hidden behind the masks we choose to wear?
Issue one will be available sometime in March.


Night Raven

Nothing ever competes with your first love, or so they say.

Steve Parkhouse and David Lloyd created mine.

Directly influencing my own Bullhawk character and leading on to a love of pulp novels from both sides of the Atlantic, I’d give my right arm to see Night Raven stalking the rooftops again – and my left arm to draw it!

for a Down The Tubes competition I gave it a spin. A little wishful thinking, and embellishment, and voila… A dream project!