Really pleased with the finished article…

Sam Smith’s verse is otherworldly, yet rooted in highways and byways so familiar as to almost be your own… almost!

16 page A5 Chapbook format, black and white on uncoated 170gsm stock, with a full colour 200gsm silk cover.

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Books due on 12 July for dispatch as soon as they arrive.

Edward Thomas

I won’t bore people with an explanation as to why Edward Thomas and his poetry affected me so much when I was fourteen… suffice to say that this Chap Book of a selection of his poetry, with illustrations inspired by their gentleness, is the resolution of a long held wish to produce something through which to broaden appreciation of his works.

Limited to 300 copies:

A5 16 page chap book/poetry pamphlet on 170gsm silk stock with an accompanying A5 mini print on 300gsm silk stock – signed and numbered. £15 inc. P+P

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A turning point?

I was reflecting last week, as I trawled the shelves of a local second hand bookstore – for the first time in months… that it is just as much the covers of books I love, as much as the books they are wrapped around.
The artists who graced the covers of the paperbacks of forty years ago have made bookshops nothing less than ‘shelved art galleries’ for anyone with a discerning eye, and it is a shame that too few publishers nowadays allow the painted interpretation of a tale to grace a cover.

Thankfully the trend is not completely lost, and I was humbled when Paul Bishop of Wolfpack Publishing approached me to help visualise something that he was putting together for the near future.

Being a huge fan of westerns in general, but specifically the Spaghetti Westerns, and the huge flurry of adult paperbacks in the vein of Terry Harknett’s EDGE that sprung up in the early 70’s, courtesy of the Piccadilly Cowboys, I was/am in my dream zone.

Hush, hush at the moment, but I guarantee that the concept of this new series will tick a lot of boxes for readers old and new … and as an early tease….


So… as I finish this piece of dabbling into the realms of mod-retro comic creation, trying to pin down the things that establish its particular stylistics – such as line, colour choice, saturation and layouts, I suddenly find myself bitten by an urge to do some more… even though the final product is nothing like I envisaged… funny how things develop from nowhere.

Many thanks to Norman Boyd for being in on this little project from the earliest sketches.