Lured back into the fields of art, comics and illustration in 2012, Mal Earl has
stacked up an impressive list of work in the subsequent years.

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Initially appearing in publications alongside such luminaries as Bill Scienkiewicz, David Lloyd, Glenn Fabry, Marc Hempel and Shaky Kane, he progressed to becoming  a regular contributor to David Lloyd’s online Comic, Aces Weekly with his creator owned, Bullhawk, Scars and The Bridge; and, as 2019 begins, he will again grace its digital pages with his latest innovative take on modern sequential art – JIGSAW.


In 2017, in collaboration with Manchester’s underground icon Kermit Leveridge, he presented the duo’s ‘graphic poem’ Lies and Other Fools as a 48 page full colour book – the culmination of a process which also included the production of art for a vinyl release of the poem read by the late, Howard Marks.

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He has produced art for Greg Wilson’s Super Weird Substance and the 14 Hour ‘Happening’ at Liverpool’s Florrie on the 1st April 2017 with the legendary Alan Moore.


From November 2018 until 2019 he exhibited his digital prints at the Barrow Dock Museum with the South Lakes Art Collective.


Self taught, Mal resides in the Western Lake District of England with his wife and daughter.